Design for Living: Creating Your Lifespace

Projects by students from San Francisco State University Department of Design & Industry
Instructor: Ricardo Gomes, B.A., M.F.A. Industrial Design, M.A. Architecture

Universal Design is the design methodology that attempts to meet the needs of all people and includes all ages, physical abilities, sensory abilities and cognitive skills. The objective is to include all types of people in the design process in order to design a product that may be usable by as many people as possible. The ideal is to design an object that works well for all people. Universal Design maximizes the number of people who can access or utilize information, product, building, and spatial environment by considering, during the design process, the wide range of needs and abilities of people with motor and sensory disabilities, children, and older adults.


Housing for the Lifespan for All People

To often older or disabled people live limited lives or give up their homes and neighborhoods prematurely because the standard housing of the past homes cannot meet their needs. While a truly universally usable house is a goal for the future, many features in houses today already are or easily can be made universally usable. The universal design concept increases the supply of usable housing by increasing universal features in as many houses as possible, and allows people to remain in their homes as long as possible, and allows people to remain in their homes as long as they like.

- Ronald L. Mace, FAIA Architect and Product Designer
Center for Universal Design, North Carolina State University

Rona Asuncion

Most communication systems are inappropriate for older adults and difficult to understand for non-experienced users. Design becomes both the root of the problem with existing systems and the key to an improved solution. A solution that not only makes the user experience simplistic and easy but also makes it enticing and appealing to users. Because our grandfolks deserve good-lookin’ products too. Read more...


Todd Wilkinson


Elnaz Davoudi

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Sima Tawakoli

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