As part of our community advisory board, Mr. Chapline’s consultation services have provided valuable insights into the design and implementation of a complex research study that is funded by the National Institute on Aging. We are fortunate to be able to draw upon his extensive experience in translating creative arts interventions into the community. He has the unique ability to provide perspective from different disciplines, which span the fields of aging, research, and the arts.
— Julene K Johnson, PhD. Institute for Health & Aging, Dept of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dept of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco
My professional experience with Mr. Chapline has always been extremely positive. He conducts himself with confidence, integrity and authority while at the same time being highly respectful and inclusive of others, whether they hold positions which report into him or vice versa. He is a skilled team player, excellent communicator and innovative in his strategic planning and management skills.
— Meryl Brod, PhD. President, The Brod Group, Mill Valley, CA
As a director, manager and planner, Mr. Chapline has an ability to recognize and analyze significant new opportunities for service, and then develop the necessary initiatives to bring them to fruition. Such undertakings benefit from his impressive organizational skills but, to an even greater extent, a unique ability to gather together many parties of different backgrounds into productive collaboration.
— David Werdegar, MD, MPH. President Emeritus, Institute on Aging, Baywood Health Consulting, San Francisco, CA
It is a genuine affirmation to socially responsible design approaches in the product environment to know that administrators and consultants like you are at the forefront of design advocacy and innovation. I am personally grateful for your contribution to the quality and diversity of design education that we can provide at San Francisco State University. Many thanks for your enthusiastic cooperation and assistance in helping us formulate a truly interdisciplinary design educational program in the Design and Industry Department.
— Ricardo Gomes, IDSA. Professor, Design Center for Global Needs, Design & Industry Department, San Francisco State University
The residency training program Mr. Chapline developed for artists preparing to work in the geriatric environments, gave me the information and confidence to work as an instructor in the institutional healthcare environment. Training on age related medical conditions, youth work, project preparation, exhibition planning, and creating community the classroom provided the tools I needed to run successful projects.
— Kelvin Ming Young, MFA. Artist in Residence, Center for Elders and Youth in the Arts (CEYA)
Mr. Chapline was a very helpful resource for the development of my research project regarding technology communications and the elderly. After discussing and advising me on the matter over the phone, he quickly got back to me to offer his connections that helped me conduct valuable case studies.
— Rona Asuncion, BFA Candidate, SFSU, Department of Design and Industry
Mr. Chapline shared his broad interdisciplinary knowledge in research, curriculum design and project management when advising me on my MA Thesis and program design. His perspectives were always thoughtful, focused and supportive; his responses timely. We are fortunate to have Mr. Chapline in the Bay Area.
— Paul Finocchiaro, Instructor, American Conservatory Theater